As the 3rd largest energy company in the United States, ConocoPhillips has a brand that customers have come to rely on and trust. For more than a century, ConocoPhillips has offered high performance fuel products and delivered excellent customer service, the same principles that Pacific Convenience & Fuels prides itself upon.

ConocoPhillips upholds similar values as PC&F: safety, people, integrity, responsibility, innovation and teamwork. These core ideals are basic to their brand strength, and ConocoPhillips encourages all of their partners to work in the same fashion.

Pacific Convenience & Fuels is proud to offer the 76 brand in California, Oregon and Washington and the Conoco brand in Colorado.

For more information about all ConocoPhillips brands, please visit www.drivesavvy.com

Chevron is a global company with a reputation for premium quality products. Chevron has a strong commitment to its customers, employees and business partners. As a partner of Chevron, Pacific Convenience & Fuels is committed to offering the same high quality products and services Chevron endorses.

Pacific Convenience & Fuels is proud to offer the Chevron brand in Oregon and Washington.

For more information about Chevron, please visit their website: www.chevron.com.

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